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How long after implantation bleeding can you take a test?

Q. I was supposed to get my period last tuesday (Dec 1) and i never got it. The last time i had sex was on Nov 29th. I had a tiny bit of blood today. And i've been having early signs of pregnancy. So i'm thinking that today I had implantation bleeding.

When would be a good time for me to take a pregnancy test? I have two on-hand. But I want to know when is the best time for me to take one.


A. if you have already missed your period then take one now its been almost a week since your expected period so your body should be able to dectect the pregnancy anytime of the day

Is brown discharge a really early sign of pregnancy?
Q. I just had sex 4 days ago and was wondering if brown discharge was one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. I'm just really scared about it. I mean we used a condom and he pulled out but it was my first time (I'm 17) and I'm just really nervous about being pregnant. I mean i guess there's a slight chance the condom broke or something but I don't think it did and he pulled out anyway.

A. Hello, ide say your fine, you used a condom, but nothing is 100%.

Yes brown bleeding is a very early pregnancy sign (called implantation bleeding), and usually the first for many women.

But fortunately for you, you had this just only 4 days after sexual-intercourse, therefore, it is WAY TOO SOON to be an implantation bleed due to pregnancy!

Implantation bleeding normally occurs 6 -to-12 and sometimes 14 days after sexual intercourse...NOT ever 4 days after!

Google " how long after intercourse does implantation bleeding occur"?

You will not find a single article on the internet that says implantation can occur as early as 4 days after sex.

Ide say it's most likely the start of your period! xx

What are the very earliest signs of pregnancy...besides the missing of the period?
Q. I just want to know what are early signs of pregnancy. I have had a child before but I found out very early of that pregnancy but not every pregnancy is the same. Lately I have been very tired but than again i am lacking very much sleep. so my tiredness can be due to that and not necessarily pregnancy.
I havent been getting much sleep lately and thats just due to my hectic schedule.

A. Fatigue and exhaustion is an early pregnancy sign for some women. Other signs are
slight bleeding or cramping,
food cravings,
breast tenderness,
frequent urination,
mood swings, due to all the hormonal changes,
sensitivity to certain smells... among others.

What are somethings that women should expect during pregnancy?
Q. do you have your period?
when does your belly start to show?
how many times can you bleed through out pregnancy and when?
and what are things to expect?
what are early signs of pregnancy?
if you dont throw up during early pregnancy do you get the runs instead?
thx for your help

A. 1. You do not have a period but a lot of people experience spotting throughout there pregnancy.
2. You can start to show as early as 14 weeks everyone is different and may show later in the pregnancy.
3. Most of bleeding happens during your 1st trimester but can continue throughout and that's normal for some. Some people bleed for days or weeks depends on your body. Some don't at all! Bleeding doesn't alway mean problems! I spotted even bleed quiet abit in trimester 1.
4. You can expect alot of sharp streching pains all through out the pregnancy, headaches, back ache, sore boobs! From 14-20 weeks+ you will feel flutters/butterflys and pokes, this is baby moving and one very exciting part if pregnancy.
5. Early signs- spotting or missed period, sore breasts, some people don't even suspect pregnancy!
6. If your one of the lucky people who don't get morning sickness vomiting doesn't mean you will get the runs instead. You can get both, one or the other, or none!

Every pregnancy is different so what you experience can be different to what another experiences.

Also the first 12 -14 weeks 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriage. It's the most vital part of the pregnancy ad by 14 weeks baby has all it's vital organs! After this it's all about functioning, growing into place and getting layers of fat.

Hope this helps you! But there's alot of info if you search online :)

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