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Is progesterone responsible for sore breast in early pregnancy?

Q. I am 5/6 wks pregnant with our first baby, I have been feeling great no spotting or pain, just mild ocassional cramps. The symptom of sore breast seems to come and go sometimes they may hurt more at night and not at all during the day or the opposite. Is the a sign of low progesterone or all normal with early pregnancy? Thanks!!

A. the fact that your breasts are tender is completely normal during pregnancy. It will hopefully ease off by about 3 months and it will come and go. Eventually you will probably find this will turn into pains from growth which for me have been sharp shooting pains on and off. Good luck with your pregnancy and hope all goes well.

How would you describe your breast pain during early pregnancy?
Q. Where was the pain?
What did it feel like?
Was it constant?
When did you get it?

A. It felt like someone had used my breast for a punching bag.
It was all over my breast, especially around the nipple.
I felt it when i had my bra on or when i was lying down

How soon do you have symptoms of Tender Breast in pregnancy?
Q. I have been pregnant before and it ended in a miscarriage. But for the past 2 weeks I have had very tender breast and nipples and my breast have grown in size. My LMP was June 1st and I wanted to know if it is possible to have symptoms this early? I have taken a pregnancy test and they are negative but I know my body and this is not period breast pain.

A. Well I have to say that for the last 2 weeks I have had tender breasts as well and my lmp was June 2nd. I think we're gonna have to wait a few more days to take a test since implantation would only really start/finish around this time. I know what you mean about it not being normal period pain because I know personally I don't get tender breasts. Here is a website that may help. Best of luck!!

What causes hard painful breasts during early pregnancy?
Q. I know that your breasts become fuller and swollen and that they hurt during early pregnancy but mine feel really hard in some places and very painful to touch. Has anyone every experienced this or know what it may be causing my breasts to become so hard? I'm a little over 8 weeks pregnant

A. yes the same happened to me as you know your breast are preparing to nourish the baby but mine began to really hurt and get hard in some places early in my pregnancy and after I had my baby I came down with a fever and had terrible pain when I nursed on the right side and I found out that, early in my pregnancy I began to form milk ducts that my milk could not pass through or simply clogged milk ducts I literally had to get a needle stuck in them and get it drained but it kept feeling up with milk even after I stopped nursing and I eventually had to have a small out patient surgery. Ask your doc to give you a ultra sound for your breast to be certain.

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