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Is watery discharge a sign of early pregnancy?

Q. Is this a sign of early pregnancy? I'm either 15dpo or 11dpo and my period was either due yesterday or is due the 7th and I'm having a feeling like my period is going to come but instead, when I walk over to the bathroom, it's just a watery discharge. I've had other symptoms too like spotting pink and brown too. Idk if it's a sign or what. Can it be?
I'm not asking if it's a sign of my period, I'm asking if it's a sign of pregnancy.

A. I have seen on different websites that there are women who have fertile cm after ovulation and get pregnant, or they get their period. Having fertile cm after ovulation isn't necessarily a sign of pregnancy; it could really go either way.

What does brownish pink discharge mean?
Q. I am 24 yrs old, married. I am not using birth control. My last period was on 27/12/07, the one before that was on 18/11/07. So its pretty irregular. Now for the past 2 days i have had a brownish pink discharge, i took a pregnancy test the other evening, but it came out negative. I am not sure if i took the test too early or at the wrong time of day. Could it be that i am ovulating now? Or could it be implantation bleeding.

A. I just had that discharge yesterday and today its a full period. I get brownish-pink discharge every once in awhile.

Is there any other reason other than pregnancy for Pink discharge?
Q. I started pink discharge last night and this morning. I looked online for reasons for it and the main thing that was repeated was pregnancy. I was just wondering would there be any other reason for pink discharge other than pregnancy?
My period is not supposed to come on for another 9 days
Well Its not from sex cause I have not had sex in over a week.
There's no pain or no itching just pink discharge. I really want it to be an implantation. I was just thinking of other possible reasons so I would not get my hopes up

A. Your period may be early. Or it may be implantation bleeding (where your unfertalised or fertalised egg implants into your uterus lining on or just after day 14 of your cycle usually).

Infection could be another reason, especially if the pink or red discharge comes with pain, or happens after sexual intercourse, which could be easily treated with antibiotics. If the discharge continues or and becomes painful, visit your GP just to make sure you're healthy.

How many of you noticed or had implantation bleeding?
Q. We are TTC and I'm now 8dpo. I'm having a few symptoms that seem like early pregnancy; my breasts are sore unlike the way they are when I'm retaining water when on PMS and they sometimes feel prickly inside; I've felt a little tugging sensation under my belly button...I'm tired, I have little minor headaches. Also some vaginal discharge. But when I look, I see no brown or pink. When should I expect this? And how many of you out there noticed implantation bleeding when you were pregnant?

A. I think only about 20% of women get implantation bleeding so I wouldnt place to much on that. But if you do get it I believe it comes maybe a week before your missed period (but I could be wrong)
I wish you luck!

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