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Acid reflux as a very early pregnancy symptom?

Q. I had acid reflux over ten years ago, as a teenger. It was awful...I was constantly sick. However, it left and I haven't had it since.
We attempted insemination two weeks ago today, and since last week, I'm randomly again having acid reflux symptoms. I'm feeling nauseous randomly and especially around half an hour after eating.
I'm curious if this is a common early sign of pregnancy. I can put up with it if I'm pregnant...if not, this is irritating and I'm not sure what sparked it.

A. Nausea could definitely be a sign; not sure on the acid reflux though, that typically occurs later in pregnancy as the stomach is forced up making room for the baby and uterus....however regular heartburn can occur at anytime depending on what agrees with you and what doesn't...that being said if its acid reflux and not regular old heart burn (there is a difference) I wouldn't think acid reflux would already be a symptom!!! I have it HORRIBLE right now but I'm 28w6d today, I think it started for me around the 20 weeks mark, but everyone is different hon so it could definitely still be pregnancy, I hope it is and your insemination was successful!!!! :) CONGRATS if you are :)

Does every woman get sore breasts at beginning of pregnancy?
Q. I have some signs of pregnancy, tired really gaggy about food, acid reflux but no sore breasts wandering if anyone has had this if i am i would only be 3 weeks tests are negative thank you

A. i didnt have sore breasts at all, i am 30 weeks pregnant and still haven't had sore breasts or nipples, if you haven't missed a period and your testing then it is too early, if you have missed a period and still getting negatives then you should see your doctor x

What were your earliest symptoms BEFORE your missed period?
Q. ...and about how soon did they occur after ovulation (or before your period was supposed to come).
Also, can someone explain why some forums say that a sore throat is a pregnancy symptom?? What is the medical explanation behind that?

A. With my first son I thought I was just getting sick. Around I guess it would have been 7 dpo I started wanting to throwup and just got so emotional I was driving people nuts. I didn't find out I was actually pregnant until I was about 3 months along because my periods were so very abnormal anyways. With my second son I knew I was pregnant at about 7 dpo when I felt like I was getting the flu again. With my third son I started feeling sick about 7 dpo and again questioned if I was pregnant but again my periods were so weird and we were using protection so I questioned it but I found out at 8 weeks that I was pregnant. So for me I guess it is around 7 dpo that I start to get sick because of the hormones going up at that point.

Signs I got at around 7 dpo where headaches, nausea, vomitting, cramping like a period was coming, mood swings, sore breasts. The sore throat is caused by usually the reflux that can happen even in early pregnancy or the constant vomitting.

Could this acid reflux I'm getting right now be a super early pregnancy sign?
Q. I have never felt this way before, but the gas in my upper chest and throat appears to be acid reflux. I was on antibiotics last week and had sex where my fiance "pulled out" on Wednesday of last week. I am 21, could I already be experiencing a pregnancy sign with this heart burn and acid reflux or is it not possible to experience signs like that one week after unprotected sex?

A. Acid reflux and heart burn are more typical further along in pregnancy, not usually an early symptom. Pregnant women get heart burn more commonly when the uterus is expanding to make room for the growing baby and begins to press against the stomach. While it is not impossible for some early pregnancy signs to occur only a week after suspected conception, it isn't typical. It is commonly assumed that the day you have sex is the day that conception occurred. However, because sperm can live inside a woman for a few days and it is difficult to know exactly when ovulation takes place, the chances of actual fertilization taking place a day or two or even longer after sex is pretty high. Then, after the sperm fertilizes the egg, it takes about 7-10 days for it to implant in the uterus. It isn't until implantation that the pregnancy hormone, hCG begins to be produced which is thought to contribute to the occurrence of pregnancy symptoms. I wouldn't assume that heart burn or acid reflux was a sign of pregnancy but more likely due to something you ate or even due to stress. I suggest you wait to see if you miss a period before worrying too much. While the withdrawal or pull out method of birth control isn't the most reliable, it does work some of the time. I am going to guess that you aren't pregnant, but take a home pregnancy test if your period doesn't show up or it appears different.

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