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Anyone have a metallic taste in your mouth during 2ww or any other symtoms?

Q. I have heard of some women experiencing this during pregnancy but I wanted to see if anyone could describe their experience with this? I'm 9DPO today and begining this morning I had a weird taste in the back of my mouth. I guess it could be described as sort of metallic but mostly sweet or something. It's been going on all day and I've never had this before so I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience? Baby dust to all of you TTC!

A. A metallic taste can definitely a sign of early pregnancy. Many women do experience this.

I'm in the TWW myself, but I'm only 4 DPO. My favorite TWW site has that listed as one of the symptoms and there is an explanation:

"Dysgeusia is the medical term for a change in your sense of taste; usually you'll get a sour or metallic taste that continues even when you're not eating. Hormones, particularly estrogen, play a part in controlling the sense of taste. During pregnancy your hormone levels flutuate quite widely and thus your sense of taste may vary or change. Like nausea and morning sickness, it should diminish or disappear by the second trimester. There are a few things you can do to combat this, acidic foods like citrus juice and lemonade and if your stomach can manage it, any food marinated in vinegar - like pickles! Also try brushing your tongue each time you brush your teeth and rinse with a weak salt or baking soda solution to neutralize the pH levels."

You should check out the site: Countdowntopregnancy.com
It has info an all sorts of symptoms that other women have experienced during the TWW of successful cycles. I think you'll find it useful, and if nothing else its a great way to kill the time until you can test!

Best of luck and baby dust! Let us know if you get your BFP!

What were your early signs of pregnancy and when did you experience them post ovulation?(10 points)?
Q. Hi there could you tell me what signs you had post ovulation onwards and the timing of which it happened?

I've been experiencing hot flushes and nausea at the same time but it only lasts for about half an hour to an hour in the evening and then it stops? Not sure if i'm pregnant.

I'm approx 11 days before my period starts  
We are trying to conceive. I'll award ten points for the most detailed answer :) thanks.

A. Well, 5 days after ovulation, me and my hubs ate out at a barbecue place, I had a salad and took a few bites out of hubs ribs. 30 minutes later as we drove to wallyworld, I suddenly felt really nauseous and threw up. This could have happened because the food didn't agree with me, however my hubby felt fine, so it hadn't affected him. 6 days past ovulation I had period-like cramping, so bad that I thought my period was arriving early, but of course nothing happened. 7 days past ovulation my boobs were considerably heavier, fuller, and more tender, with "sticky" feeling nipples. This continued to increase over time. Usually if I'm not pregnant, my boobs will return to normal as the second half of the Luteal phase progresses, but this time it didn't. I had a spot of pink blood on the TP at 10 days past O. I track my basal body temperature, and I had a dip to the coverline at 7 days past O, and then it changed to triphasic at 9 days past O, and stayed elevated, which both mean a possible sign of pregnancy. I was helping my hubby paint some bedrooms at 8 DPO, and got terrible lower back pains. I was ravenously hungry at 10 days past O, but yet lost 4 pounds in one week. Increased thirst and going to the bathroom frequently started at 11 days past O. My pregnancy test came up positive at 10 days past ovulation, a very strong positive too.

Do you believe women who say that they knew they were pregnant pretty much immediately?
Q. I've read about women who said that they knew they pregnant as soon as the moment after sex. Or what about the women who chart signs of pregnancy as early as 3 days past ovulation?

Implantation doesn't happen until 7 dpo at the earliest, and there is no pregnancy hormone in your system until then. So how could someone "know" they were pregnant until then? Doesn't the science say otherwise?

A. I get dizzy and lightheaded a few days past ovulation if I have conceived (ie: the sperm and the egg met up, and before implantation). It was true with my first son, and with my last pregnancy (that ended in miscarriage at 5 weeks, 4 days), I knew very soon after that I'd conceived, but it took a while to get positive hpts. I have lots of of symptoms of pms, but lightheaded and dizzy is never one of them, so it's been a reliable very early sign and feeling of pregnancy. I am just in tune with my body. I am one of those people who wonder how other people could NOT KNOW that they are pregnant. (Although, my mother, with my youngest brother - it didn't even occur to her that she might be pregnant at first, even though she felt dizzy and sick, because she was so busy with me and my other brother.)

When does implantation bleeding and cramps happen DPO?
Q. My husband and I have been trying for a little while to have kids and I am not sure what the signs if implantation bleeding and cramps are... We had sex the day after my period and a few days before and during my ovulation term.
Yesterday I woke up and had slight bleeding, the blood wad a light pink, and not very much at all. But earlier that morning and the day before I had slight, which felt like menstrual, cramps that only lasted about 2-3mins. Not painful or anything just noticeable.
I am 4 days post ovulation and not sure if what I am experiencing is implantation bleeding or not?

A. Not every woman experiences implantation bleeding. It possibly be ip bleeding. But you won't know for sure until another two weeks and take a pregnancy test. I would advise that you relax keep busy and wait it out. I have been ttc for 4 years and worrying does nothing but make you feel bad and drive you crazy. I pray you are pregnant! God bless!

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