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Can raw-egg white discharge be an early sign of pregnancy?

Q. Yes, i know that raw-egg white is a sign that you are OVULATING. But Shouldn't the raw-egg white only last for one day? For the past 3 days I have had that clear stetchy discharge. Was wondering if it could also be a sign of early pregnancy?

A. Ovulation, and it can last for that long. Day 3 of it (today?) was probably the day you ovulated. Hope you DTD already if you want to get pregnant.

What does early pregnancy discharge look like?
Q. I'm afraid that I might be pregnant. My period should be arriving any day now, although I'm irregular I could easily skip. I've been having barely any symptoms, but one struck out the most and freaked me out the most. When I went to the bathroom, I noticed a very long, clear, stretchy, odorless, string of discharge. Is this a sign? Because I heard early pregnancy discharge is white and creamy.

A. for me it was always white and creamy.. maybe because you have irregular periods you are ovulating now, thats what ovulation discharge is like, clear stretchy stringy.. usually theres an increase of discharge at ovulation as well.

What are the early signs of pregnancy?
Q. I am queasy on and off with a clear discharge. I dont have a normal cycle do to pcos. I also have mild period cramps. My husband and I have been fooling round. The home pregnancy tests I have done are negative.
I am also getting headaches and dizzy.

A. For me the earliest signs were tender swollen & sore breast... Since I do not have regular cycles I had no clue, until 2 weeks later I experienced morning sickness. I was also more tired than usual and dizzy. Everyone is different but if you remember the date of your cycles that will help a lot! :) you need to go to the hosital or doctor or clinic where they give pregnancy test out, sometimes home pregnancy test dont shwo a lot of the hgg in early pregnancy like lab test will.

Can pregnancy cause extreme dizziness in the first month?
Q. I have been feeling dizzy and nauseous for the last two days and I'm having trouble concentrating.

Also, 2 days ago I got a little blood on the toilet paper when I wiped but I've had nothing but clear discharge since then, over 2 days ago. My period is expected soon but hasn't come yet.

I feel so sick. Are these signs of pregnancy or should I be considering other causes?

A. I was pregnant twice. The first time I had no idea as I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but I remember feeling really dizzy. The second time my first sign was that I was able to smell everything but wasn't dizzy at all. Good luck but you should wait till your period is due and take a pregnancy test. You can take one earlier but if you wait till your period is due it is more accurate.

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  1. i have white egg discharge after 7 days of my ovulation so it is sign of erly pregnency