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in pregnancy does your body temperature fluctuate?

Q. in early pregnancy does it fluctuate? i take my Temperature 2 times a day and its higher in the morning its between 98.2 - 98.6 and in the evening its between 97.7-98.0 what does that mean? i ha vent had a positive pregnancy test but i have been pregnant before and i know i am, also i woke up in cold sweats and had a Vivid dream about being pregnant that's twice that has happened now are those pregnancy indicators also, any help would be nice.

A. anyone's temperature fluctuates some all day. It is not a sign of pregnancy. Why do you take your temperature 2 times a day? If you are checking your basal temperature to predict ovulation you check it as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Vivid dreams are not indicators either. A positive pregnancy test is an indicator.

Can vivid dreams all of a sudden be an early sign of pregnancy?
Q. Yes I've been doing all of the necessary actions to become preg :)

A. It was my first pregnancy symptom.
Then come the car sickness, followed by hot sweats and the need for mango nectar.

Good luck!!

how early can you tell you're pregnant? what are the earliest possible symptoms besides a missed period?
Q. how early can you tell you're pregnant? what are the earliest possible symptoms besides a missed period, nausea, exhaustion, mood swings, etc.?is it possible to detect pregnancy as early as a few days after intercourse? any personal experiences women who have children can share (in detail) about when they first suspected they might be pregnant, what the signs were, and were in fact pregnant is greatly appreciated.

A. My first symptom was a tight stretching feeling in my uterus. It would wake me up at night if I turned the wrong way. I also notice it when standing from a sitting position. I never had much fatigue or nausea with my first pregnancy which I miscarried at 11 weeks. I'm now suspecting I'm pregnant again because I've had the stretching pains over the past two days. My cycles run 28-32 days and I'm on day 29. I'm giving it another couple days before I test. The stretching sensation started the week before the missed period.

When barely pregnant, I also noticed I had insomnia but when I slept I had very bizarre, vivid dreams.

Can any of these be classified as early pregnancy symtoms?
Q. I had unprotected sex 13 days ago. Beginning about 5 days ago, I've been feeling a little nauseated throughout the day. My boobs hurt SO bad, it hurt to even walk. I've been having very vivid strange dreams which is very unusual for me. I've also been having light cramping in abdomen at times but my period isn't due until the 9th. Can these be possible signs? Thanks :)

A. I saw you're answer so thank god you won't have an abortion, i think you may have breast cancer or may be pregnant. I'd go pregnant

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