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What are some outward signs of early pregnancy?

Q. I am 95 percent sure that I am pregnant, but, my home pregnancy tests have been telling me otherwise. I was just wondering if there were any early outward signs of pregnancy. Anything I can watch for in the first 7-9 weeks? Any little thing would be helpful.

A. Major beavioral change, grumpiness. Some others are swelling of breasts and morning sickness but they are a bit later. Go to the doc and get a test to conferm and CONGRATS!

What is the first signs u seen in early pregnacy?
Q. I have a 27 day cycle my last period was on the 30th of oct it stopped on the 4th I had sex the 6th,10th,and the 13th I have sore nipples, mood swings,feel sleepy, stomach been upset, been peeing a lot more then usual, and heartburn, do them sound like early signs of pregnancy? 10 points if u can help me out. Thanks and god bless.

A. Yes everything you just mentioned are signs of pregnancy. I'm not sure about having symptoms that early. My first pregnancy test (at 3 weeks pregnant) (3 days before my missed period) was my first sign. I didn't have no real signs until I was 7 weeks & that was morning sickness. You can get them sooner, but not until after you missed period.They only way to know is to wait & take a PT test.

How early to signs of pregnancy and began to show and what are they?
Q. How early is it possible 4 the signs of pregnancy begin to show and what are they?The first signs?

A. well its really different from woman to woman. but heres my personal story im currently 8 wk preg. at first maybe a week before my period was due i was tired like i took 3-4 hour naps during the day. then right around when i should of started my boobs started aching and my nipples are very sensitive. then around 6-7 weeks i got extreamly nauseous when i woke up and sometimes in the afternoon. also when i missed my period i could smell everything and anything. i am a candy addict and now i cant eat any sweets. weird things like that. i also started cramping about a week after ovulation nd sometimes still have cramping when my uterus is growing. its almost like pms but intensified. if you think ur preggo go to the ob.gyn asap so you can get vitiamins b.c folic acid is important during the first trimester(1-3 months) if u didnt know. good luck and if you are preg congrats nd stay healthy!!

How soon can you take a pregnancy test?
Q. I've been having early signs of pregnancy symptoms swollen breast they hurt to big for my bra. Bumps on my nipples, gassy, I had a period on July 23 only lasted two and a half days bright red. They usually last five days. Is it to early to test I took a early response test this morning came out negative.

A. you should take a test now. the 7th would of been 2 weeks. so your should be good! good luck hunny im trying myself and it's driving me nutts!

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