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What does early pregnancy discharge look like?

Q. I'm afraid that I might be pregnant. My period should be arriving any day now, although I'm irregular I could easily skip. I've been having barely any symptoms, but one struck out the most and freaked me out the most. When I went to the bathroom, I noticed a very long, clear, stretchy, odorless, string of discharge. Is this a sign? Because I heard early pregnancy discharge is white and creamy.

A. for me it was always white and creamy.. maybe because you have irregular periods you are ovulating now, thats what ovulation discharge is like, clear stretchy stringy.. usually theres an increase of discharge at ovulation as well.

Does this sound like early pregnancy discharge?
Q. First off my boobs have been sore for the last 5-7 days (only around the outside). My boobs seem swollen and my areolas are slightly darker but seem WAY bigger. Noticeably darker/brighter veins. Too early to take a test, but I am so excited (TTC 10 mo).

Discharge is almost like a loogie, I've heard it described as an egg white. Does this sound like early pregnancy discharge?

A. if you are pregnant it sounds like you are farther along then you think. i would take a test

What's the difference between ovulation and early pregnancy discharge?
Q. I've been having a lot, a lot of white discharge for the past couple days. So much that at times when I'm standing it will feel like I'm peeing myself. I just started trying to conceive about the middle of this month when I SHOULD have been ovulating. My calculations may have been off because my period usually come two or three day later each month. The discharge is thick and white but there is some clear discharge at the same time. Does this sound like ovulation discharge or pregnancy discharge? Can you tell the difference?

A. I am having a similar issue. My periods are irregular sometimes between 32-35 days. So i bought a kit and so far nothing. But my discharge has changed and is watery and sweet smelling. I don't see how I could be pregnant unless I ovulated extremely early in my cycle so I'm guessing ovulation is near . If u started trying to concieve mid Jan. ( and suspected that was when u were ovulating) then it very well could be discharge from early pregnancy. I've been told its a early sign of pregnancy . It's all very confusing lol good luck sending baby dust your way !!!!

What is post ovulation discharge like?
Q. I ovulated on the 26 (or thats when i first got the ewcm which continues until the 27th) and i had sex that day and two days later. Ive noticed recently my discharge has become white/yellow and creamy and at times, especially in the morning, it feels like its running out of me. I dont know whats really normal because i have an irregular cycle but is this what happens? or could it be early pregnancy discharge?

A. That's not normal post ovulation discharge. Sounds more like pregnant discharge. They say its like hand lotion as far as texture goes.

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