Wednesday, May 22, 2013

when do you first start feeling hungry when pregnant?

Q. I have recently started to feel hungrier than usual. Can this be a sign that i might be pregnant? I had my last preiod Janurary 28th or 29th, and I did have sex since then. Is this just in my head or is there a real chance?

A. I didn't start feeling hungrier until here recently. I had a few unusual cravings such as tuna and sour cream but other than that the hunger didn't set in until around the second trimester. There was food I liked alot more than usual during the beginning though. I also didn't get mornings sickness until 10 weeks to the start of 12. I think people vary. I think what really made me think I was pregnant was my moodiness and food cravings. I thought I was pregnant 1 weeks before I took my pregnancy test and took the pregnancy test 7 days before my missed period. It's not common that test show up that early. Even some test don't show up until your period is missed. But what tipped me and my hubby off was the moodiness and cravings. It wasn't hunger for me. Now I feel like I could eat a whole cow and then get the cow and only eat an ounce of a serving of the meat *LOL*.
Women vary I would say.

I am 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant

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