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Is a stomach ache in early pregnancy normal or should I be worried?

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I'm very early on in my pregnancy (Somewhere between 4-6 weeks) I have a stomach ache this morning. I keep feeling these flutters/butterflies in my tummy. Is this normal for early pregnancy or should I be worried?

Very normal. A lot of women will experience "Morning Sickness" but it doesn't always happen only in the morning. Doctors believe it's caused by all the extra hormones. My doctor also told me that it's a good sign to feel sick in the first trimester because it means your hormone levels are high. Congrats by the way!

What were YOUR first signs of pregnancy?


I'm starting to get the most of the early symptoms, such as: morning sickness (except in the evening), slight cramping, breast tenderness, frequent urination, and some fatigue. I'm not 100% sure if I am pregnant, but if I am, I am about 4 weeks.

What were your first signs of pregnancy?
How were you feeling around 4-6 weeks into your pregnancy.


Feeling really tired, cramping that feels like I'm about to come on my period, feeling sick and not being able to eat big meals.

The worse symptom is feeling bloated!!!!!!! My stomach looks like a watermelon already and I can barely do my jeans up hehe.

I'm yet to experience tender/sore breasts.

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