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What signs of pregnancy can you get at 5 days past ovulation?

early signs of pregnancy 5 days before missed period
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Today I woke up with really sore, tender breasts. I cant recall what I had with my previous pregnancies in the early days.
But I was just wondering what other women had (if anything) before they missed their period?

I've had patients experience every pregnancy symptom before their missed period. Breast tenderness, tiredness and headaches are the most common, along with bloating and back soreness.

What's the earliest you have tested and got a positive?


I have been having some signs but it is still a good 5 days before I should start my period (approx. 8 days after ovulation). I bought a test yesterday and want to take it tomorrow. Do you think I have a chance of getting an accurate result?

What is the earliest you have ever tested and gotten an accurate positive result?

I got a positive result at 1 day before my missed period.
It was a very faint pink second line. I took another one 2 days later and got a bolder second pink line.
It varies from woman to woman.
Normally, pregnancy tests can pick up hCg in your body once it has reached 25. The new tests that claim to tell you 5 days earlier only work on those whose hCg has gotten up that high.
You can test tomorrow, just make sure you use your first morning urine, since it's the most concentrated and will more than likely have a higher hCg level present in it.
Good luck!

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