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How soon after having unprotected sex can I conceive or show signs of pregnancy?

early signs of pregnancy 5 days
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Q. I had unprotected sex 5 days ago and I wanted to know how long it takes to show signs of early pregnancy and how long it takes to conceive.
I was ovulating at the time of the unprotected sex... I didnt even know... My boyfriend is a med student and said he could even tell I was ovulating at the time of intercourse... The condom slipped... I think it is too late to get the morning after pill... Its already been 5 days.

well.. they have all kinds of pregnancy tests out.. id wait a couple more days... BUT... there is a test out that "claims" that it can detect the pregnency 5 days after fertilization..
but i think i remember my science teacher saying it can sometimes take up to 3 days for the sperm cells to reach an egg.. so id wait for like 10-15 days ... just to make sure..
good luck

Has anyone experienced acne as an early pregnancy symptom?

Q. Im 8dpo. and I have been having the worst acne ever i usually only get one it around when my period is due, i have NEVER broken out this bad, i ovulated on day 12, and it is day 19 now.. so 5 days until period.(which i hope i dont get) have you ever had bad acne as a early sign of pregnancy before a missed period?

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