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Jelly-like clearish balls coming out in the bathroom?

early signs of pregnancy jelly discharge
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I've had this before, right around ovulation time, went on birth control and it stopped, but I recently just weaned off my birth control because of its symptoms, had an early period, and now was bloated all day, had a clump of whitish/yellow jelly-like stuff (in globs/balls) coming out of my nether area, and now have diarrhea, and constant discharge. I did not have "actual intercourse" but I got pretty close. Is this a sign of pregnancy, infection, or what? It scared me because my "clump" was sort of shaped like a fetus, but i'm probably imagining things....

Relax, you're imagining things.

Your body is going to do all sorts of fucked-up things while it adjust to being off hormonal birth control, it's also going to take you some time to get used to your normal cycles again too. Expect things to be a little off-balance for up to 12 months after coming off hormonal birth control, help things along by staying healthy with a good balanced diet, take daily multi-vitamins, and try herbal treatments like chaste tree to help regulate hormones. What you're seeing now is likely fertile quality cervical mucus, also when ill it's normal to have heavier discharge too. Don't worry.

possibly pregnant, too early to test, what symptoms did other people have before missed period?


i recently came off the pill because i split with my boyfriend and just felt like i didn't need to be on it, however the whole sex with the ex situation happened without protection after my last period a couple of times. i am not due on yet (as far as i know if i'm regular... i'm on about day 20 of my cycle) and therefore cannot take do a home pregnancy test but i was wondering if it the symptoms i am feeling could just be from stopping my pill or very early pregnancy signs?
I have experienced: clear, odorless, jelly-like discharge for about 3 days 2 weeks ago, mild cramping everyday for the past couple of weeks, mild headaches every day for the past week or so, sore nipples and nausea for the past few days. The nausea is like when you have a hangover and can feel your mouth watering but i have not actually been sick... i know most of these symptoms are simply caused by stopping birth control but i'm unsure about the nausea... anyone have any advice?

Sounds like you need to take a ept test. It sounds like you are having pregnancy symptoms to me

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