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what is early pregnancy discharge like?

early signs of pregnancy jelly discharge
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December b

it feels as if i have jelly inside me sort of and clear eggwhiteish fluid coming out of me and i cannot stop peeing and have a constant headache and this a sign of pregnancy?
yeah i have missed my period by about a week now..but im waitin to do one becuase i dont want a false negative i was just wondering is this discharge a symtom??

could be. if you missed your cycle get a test 2 weeks after your missed date. everyone experiences different pregnancy symptoms some women might not have any symptoms at all.

The early pregnancy discharge is eggwhite texture but usually it doesnt come on until like 11-12 weeks into pregnancy i think. but it may be different for different women. the only way to tell is to get a test. dont get one too early it may not have an accurate reading. wait 2 weeks after your missed date

if you didnt miss your period you may just be ovulating or getting rdy for your monthly friend

Could my period be coming on early?


My period isn't due until the 25th and yesterday on the 19th I had stomach cramps like my period was about to come on. I went to use the bathroom and when I wiped a thick jelly-like discharge came out with brown spots in it. Then a few hrs. later I used the bathroom and wiped and a jelly-like discharge came out with blood in it. I have been to the bathroom several times since then but I haven't seen anything else nor have I been cramping anymore. Could my period be coming early?

That sounds like spotting, however, i dont know if you've had sexual intercourse before or not but spotting is a sign of pregnancy when during the time of ovulation, the fertilised egg implants into your uterus causing light bleeding when wiping, normally pink or brown spots. However, it could also just be break through bleeding, i am not sure! i realy need to know if you had have any sexual intercourse before x

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